3D Flag Live Wallpaper

These are FREE Live Wallpaper apps for Android phone. The Live Wallpaper consists of a 3D flag flying in the wind and is fully interactive. Select a category and enjoy your free download! Select “Play Store” to open Google Play to download after you clicked a flag icon. Any comment or feedback ? Contact developer App4Joy @ http://www.facebook.com/3DFlag !

Special Highlights

3D Pirate Flag

World Flags

North America Flags (16)

South America Flags (10)

Europe Flags (48)

Asia Flags (48)

Oceania Flags (2)

Africa Flags (30)

We hope that these apps are of use to anyone wanting to learn more about the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledge of other nations and cultures will help lead to further peace and understanding in the world, and learning about other national flags and anthems is a good beginning.